Liora is a great life coach partly because of her unique combination of frankness and sensitivity peppered with a good sense of humor. She’s taken me out of my comfort zone and to tears, and has always been there to reel me back in so that I ended sessions feeling very positive and like I’d made a lot of progress. Liora has an ample “toolbox” with which she works, so I believe she could help almost anyone, and would recommend her in a wide variety of situations. Her priority is the client, the client, the client. And the client’s objectives. She’s dynamic and very well-read, which keeps you on your toes. I believe she’d be a great asset to any organization because of her varied life and professional experiences and just how much she gets out of them. Then she turns around and helps her clients get as much joy and meaning out of their lives as possible. Liora is a person who is constantly challenging herself to be the best version of herself that she can be, which is a great role model to have as a life coach. She thinks out of the box, which I find especially refreshing and useful with my goals.

In short, I highly recommend working with Liora whatever the challenge or objective ahead may be…or also if you need help defining that challenge. She’ll do a fantastic job of helping you to get there.


I believe it is always a good idea to get a fresh perspective when you’re at a juncture. With Liora’s coaching, I gained so much more than a new perspective. She helped me to navigate an unpleasant work separation and reclaim my personal pride. My sense of self-awareness & confidence improved, and I have restored my outlook on how my actions have led to truly wonderful outcomes.

Liora’s method is creative, challenging, positive, revealing, and full of a determined energy. It’s a unique blend of confronting the tough questions while pinning down the heady ones all in the context of your current situation. Liora doesn’t let you beat around the bush. My notions and word-choice were tested, making me think critically about self-representation and decision making in a more positive light than I could have come to on my own in such a short time frame. She made sure that I realized my capabilities and claimed my successes in taking the necessary steps to achieve my now more clear and redefined goals.

Through practical advice, exercises, and visioning, I felt a surge of possibilities with Liora; it was the spark I needed.

I was sad when our sessions were through, but her process was very effective in helping me to identify my wants and needs in a reflective manner. Now that I have reframed my view, I can think big, and I have the tools I need to guide me on my way.


Liora has given me strength to know that I should not sell myself short. I didn’t graduate from the best school, I didn’t have much parental guidance and didn’t know my true value. Liora worked with me to understand that I had the tools needed for success, to not let others dictate or control my emotions of self worth. Because of Liora I’m stronger, wiser and have made significant changes in my life that are paving my path to inner peace.


Thanks to Liora for helping me climb what I refer to as my ladder of life. I was stuck staring at my ladder knowing I could and wanted to climb to the next step. However, I hated my job, I was stuck in a sexless marriage, and had the demands of small children to care for and love. My life was spinning out of my control. With Liora’s help I started to step up and become aware of what those steps would mean for me. We worked through social challenges, facing my husband with the truth and balancing my work life balance. Liora, thank you, because of you I am finally climbing my personal ladder to the top.