A second act.

A strong, fit body.

A second chance at love.

A radically different career.

Peace with your strong-willed tween. And his little brother.

Becoming a pole dancer at 40.

Or a pilot.

All of this is possible.

This is only the beginning.

But not if you think you’re the worst person in the world.

That no one will ever love you.

That you’ve never been an athlete.

That you’d rather play small.

If you’re stuck. If you’re afraid. If you’re not taking action because you’re ambivalent or confused. If you’re waiting for the pieces to fall into place before you quit your job, lose the weight, look for love, build your dream house, move to the mountains.

You can change the way you feel because you can change the way you think. Your mind may be full of scary thoughts. But you need not choose to believe them.

I take a scientific, evidence-based approached to changing the thoughts and behavior patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy.

I will teach you to

– manage your mind
– add joy even before you subtract pain
– take massive action
– exponentially boost everything you do by leveraging the power of Vitamin N — Nature
– get radically honest with yourself and others
– leverage technology and social media to “gamify” your experience, connect with others, have fun and dramatically improve results.

These techniques changed my life and I promise they will change yours. I believe in my program and I believe in you.

You must be willing to give up what you have to create everything you’ve always dreamed of.

Show up.

Act as if you already have your results.

I hold the space as you speak your truth and create results.

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