Hiking with Jojo in the neighborhood Sunday.

Here’s my commitment.
I’m using intermittent fasting. I’m eating between noon and 6pm each day. Black coffee in the morning if I wish. Nothing but clear water after 6pm.
I’m eating a plant-based diet. I’ve eliminated all animal products, including half-and-half in my coffee, which was particularly difficult to part with.
I’m abstaining from all alcohol.
I’m abstaining from all sugar, sweeteners and sugar substitutes.
I’ve eliminated nearly all processed foods — nothing that has a list of ingredients. The exception to this is tofu and occasional dairy free milk substitutes.
I’m focusing on non-starchy vegetables, fruits, beans,  nuts and seeds.
I’m drinking homemade vegetable juices (when I get around to making them).
I’m eliminating nearly all fats and oils. I dress my salads with homemade dressings made from nuts, seeds, nut milks and avocados.
I’m weighing or measuring everything that goes into my mouth, photographing everything, and recording it all in the “Lose It” app.
I’m committed to taking 20,000 steps five out of seven days. I have been an avid hiker for years. While this is definitely an increase from my normal activity, I’m accustomed to going for long walks and hikes. Frankly, it’s one my greatest joys.
I’m posting my progress each day here on my blog.
I suspect some may read this and think these food rules are impractical or unsustainable.
We shall see. 
I’m using food as fuel and medicine. I’m strengthening my immune system so that when I encounter the virus my body will fight it off naturally.  Frankly, I’m strengthening my body so that it will fight any insult. 
I’ve followed the work of Dr. Joel Fuhrman for years. Dr. Fuhrman recommends a plant-based or “nutritarian” diet to address overweight, obesity, diabetes and heart disease and to promote optimal health.
I’m not advocating a nutritarian diet for all. This is simply what I’ve chosen for myself.